How It Works

How It Works


Thank you for taking the first step towards discovering, learning, and pursuing your passions & interests. On top of self-discovery, here’s a summary of the benefits that you can look forward to as an In Session Member.

Drop-In Classes To Discover What You Love

Drop-in for a myriad of beginner classes to discover what you love

No more relying on the internet or word-of-mouth; see for yourself BEFORE making a full commitment. Use your Drop-In Pass for a Drop-In Class - easy!

Use your drop-in pass to offset cost of
one-time workshops

Great for In Session members who are looking to have a crash course and bring home amazing creations within a few hours. Maybe you're a hands-on kind of student - simply use your Drop-In Pass and get a special price for one-time workshops!

Found What You Like?
Pursue It At Exclusive Membership Rates

Exclusive membership rates for Courses linked to Drop-In Classes & Workshops

For those who have found their calling after attending our Drop-In Classes or one-time workshops - sign up for Courses. Courses are classes that span more than 1 week and are linked to your prior In Session classes, all at exclusive membership rates.

Meet like-minded people who are keen to pursue the same passion/interest as you

In Session classes bring people together. It's the ideal environment to make a new friend and have plenty to talk about. Who knows what will happen next?