(Since 1960s) Beginner Oil & Acrylic Painting

(Since 1960s) Beginner Oil & Acrylic Painting

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Our Oil Painting module (Since 1960s) with a dosage of Acrylic Painting will expose you to foundational techniques such as Glazing, Scumbling & Application of Paint.

Available Sessions

21 Aug – 9 Oct 2017, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
24 Aug – 12 Oct 2017, 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Course Outline
Class 1 & 2: Still-Life Fruits (Oil)
Class 3 & 4: Still-Life Metals, Ceramics & Glass (Oil)
Class 5 & 6: Landscape I (Acrylic/Oil)
Class 7: Abstract I (Acrylic/Oil)
Class 8: Abstract II (Acrylic/Oil)

What to Bring/Prepare
Nothing, just be prepared to have a ball of fun!

Instructor Profile
Moses Chua is an artist and the principal instructor of Little Art Connoisseur.
Under the tutelage of Asst. Professor Martin Constable and watercolorist, Ng Woon Lam, Moses has had an extensive knowledge in Art and Color theory.
Adept in using all mediums of paint, Moses has extended his practice and developed a comprehensive lesson plan & teaching method based on art history and foundational studies for all levels and individuals.

B.NU Space

333 Kreta Ayer Road,#02-34, Singapore 080333


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